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I Am Damo Suzuki

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When the anarchic vocalist of Can left the celebrated German band in late 1973, the ensuing decade-long absence was taken by many to be the end of his personal story. But it was just the beginning.

In I Am Damo Suzuki, Kenji Damo Suzuki and co-author Paul Woods illuminate a life in music driven by the principle of randomness. The book spans the influence of western music on Suzuki growing up in post-WWII Japan, his rejection of national traditions and a lifelong journey of exploration. After his hippie-influenced beginnings as a provocative street musician, Suzuki's story took an unlikely turn after a chance recruitment into Can, one of the most innovative bands of the seventies. A stint of family life and the role of Japanese salaryman preceded his return to the music world with The Damo Suzuki Band and later with Damo Suzuki's Network, an international vehicle for musical communication using sound instead of words.

With contributions from family members, lifelong friends, musical collaborators and Damo's long-term partner, I Am Damo Suzuki is an absorbing portrait of a musical catalyst and enigmatic icon.

'The story of "a psychedelic Paddington bear"' - Uncut

'Damo has been unwilling to talk about - and be tied to - his time in Can, but here explores his relationship with the group in some depth... What emerges from this memoir as being most important to the singer is the freedom to pursue an individual path and to create positive energy through his music.' - Mojo

'At times, it feels as though Paul [Woods] is following him with a microscope... it is a fascinating insight into a psyche that appears to know no fear and assumes only the best in people... anyone who has seen Damo Suzuki live and maybe wonders what it is that makes him tick would do well to give this a go, and if you are a music fan in general, you will see a whole other approach to how a live tour can be conducted.' - Frequency

'A portrait of a fascinating, idiosyncratic and driven musical figure.' - Record Collector


Authors: Damo Suzuki with Paul Woods
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Release date: 28 March 2019
Format: Paperback, 400 pages
Language: English

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